Summer Bulletin Board Ideas

1- Summer Bulletin Board with Colouring Pages

There are images about summer in this summer bulletin board file. Students can colour and repeat their names in English in the lesson. Their works will be our materials for the summer bulletin board.

Print out the pdf file and cut and make them ready for the presentation.
In the classroom repeat their names.
Every student will have one or two images and they will colour them and repeat their names.
At the end, paste them on a cardboard and make a beach scene.

To download free Summer Bulletin Board pdf file please click here > summer-bulletinboard.pdf (57 indirme)

2- Summer Bulletin Board with T-shirts

Prepare a t-shirt pattern and use it to cut lots of t-shirts.

Give them to your students to write their ideas about summer.

Prepare some objects about summer  to create a hot summer day scene.

Paste t-shirts  and the other objects on the cardboard.

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