5. Sınıf 6. Ünite Movies Etkinlikleri İndir

Here are the exercises for the 5th grade. You can download all files free.

Pictionary, vocabulary and grammar details in the unit, a worksheet, a presentation about vocabulary and speaking activity.

5.6 Movies Pictionary

There are mostly used words and images in the pictionary. You can give this paper with the vocabulary and grammar details paper to show the outline of the unit or just use it for your lesson plan.

5.6 Movies Vocabulary & Grammar Details

There are words used in the unit and mostly used grammar structures and types of sentences in this paper. You can use it as a lesson plan or use it as a speaking activity. You can repeat the whole words with your students and use the types of questions and sentences to speak in the aim of the unit.

5.6 Movies Vocabulary Presentation

This presentation shows mostly used words in the unit. Images and gifs used in the presentation are appropriate to understand the meaning of the word. You don’t have to use the Turkish meaning of the word.

5.6 Movies Worksheet

In this worksheet, the whole content is used. Vocabulary and grammar questions are appropriate for students.

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